PCR Primers and Probes

The double-stranded DNA virus known as the monkeypoxvirus (MPXV) belongs to the family Poxviridae's orthopoxvirus genus. Poxviruses are infectious agents that can lead to lesions, skin nodules, or widespread rashes in both humans and many other animals. The distinctive rash with indurated and umbilicated lesions, beginning on the head or face and proceeding to the limbs and trunk, is the hallmark of monkeypox and is well-described in terms of its typical presentation. Lesions develop in stages, going from macules to papules to vesicles to pustules, and finally to crusts that gradually dry out and flake off after two to four weeks.

Nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT), which looks for specific viral DNA sequences using real-time or conventional polymerase chain reactions (PCR), is used to confirm MPXV infection. Sequencing can be done alone or in conjunction with PCR. The first PCR reaction finds OPXV, but it cannot tell what species it is. A second step can then be taken to precisely detect MPXV, which may be PCR-based or involve sequencing. Creative Biolabs has been keeping a close eye on the development of the epidemic situation and accelerating the development of PCR primers and probes. Please feel free to contact us to learn more products and custom production.

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