As the most significant orthopoxvirus infection in humans in the smallpox post-eradication era, monkeypox is an emerging zoonotic disease. Monkey pox has a clinical appearance that is comparable to smallpox's. Monkeypox has a case fatality rate of 10%, which is in between variola major's case fatality rate of 30% and variola minor's case fatality rate of 10%. The monkeypox virus is regarded as a high danger pathogen that causes a disease that is significant for public health.

With years of experience, Creative Biolabs developed a comprehensive list of Monkeypox related products to support the development of antibody and other therapeutics, including recombinant proteins and peptides, antibodies, plasmids, PCR primers and probes, cell lines, inhibitors, virus like particles and pseudoviruses and detection kits. Please feel free to contact us to learn more products and custom production.

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