Anti-monkeypox Drug Discovery Solutions
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We DO NOT PROVIDE ANY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES DIRECTLY TO PATIENTS. All of our products are for Research Use Only (RUO), NOT intended for diagnostic, therapeutic, or clinical use.

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Anti-monkeypox Drug Discovery Solutions

As forward-looking research as well as a leading custom service provider in the field of drug discovery, Creative Biolabs is always pleased to use our extensive experience and advanced platform to offer one-stop anti-monkeypox drug discovery solutions to satisfy each demand from our customers.

Drug Discovery against Monkeypox Disease

Monkeypox virus (MPXV) is an enveloped double-stranded DNA virus containing the African clade and the West African clade. Together with Variola virus (VARV) and Cowpox virus, MPXV belongs to the family of genus Orthopoxvirus (OPXVs). In May 2022, a sustained outbreak of the viral disease monkeypox began and spread rapidly. However, there is currently no approved treatment for monkeypox virus infection. In order to eliminate public panic and resolve this security risk as soon as possible, Creative Biolabs provides one-stop anti-monkeypox drug discovery services for our clients all over the world.

Cynomolgus monkey

Target identification and validation is the first step in drug discovery. There are a variety of target types in antiviral drug development, such as viral nucleic acid, viral polymerase, protease, entry/fusion protein, interferon (IFN), and cellular target.

Nucleic acids-based antiviral therapeutics are dedicated to inhibiting the expression of viral or host factor genes via DNA or RNA. Based on target molecules, the nucleic acid therapy can be divided into several different groups, including target viral proteins, target viral or cellular nucleic acids, as well as target viral nucleic acids or viral proteins.

According to the inhibitory mechanisms, there are major two groups of antiviral inhibitors, including virus-targeting antivirals (VTAs) that inhibit the biological function of virally encoded proteins and host-targeting antivirals (HTAs) that inhibit the function of host protein in the virus life cycle. What's more, nucleotide analogues that inhibit polymerases are also an important group of antiviral agents.

Neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) are a class of antibodies responsible for protecting cells from pathogens. With the ability to neutralize infection of cells directly, antiviral neutralizing antibodies are the target of choice for many vaccine development programs and are primarily associated with disease prevention.

A vaccine is a biological agent that provides active acquired immunity against the particular pathogen or infectious disease. Vaccines are usually made from weakened or killed microorganisms, toxins, or their surface proteins and are one of the most important tools for disease prevention.

Features of our Anti-Monkeypox Drug Discovery Services

  • Advanced platforms to ensure the best achievement for every single step.
  • Fully customizable experimental design to expand beyond standard procedure.
  • Competitive price with the best quality.
  • Reliable lab report with timely updates.

Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider that focuses on drug discovery. We can assist you in designing the best research outline customized to meet the requirements of clients' programs. If you are interested in our services and products, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

We DO NOT PROVIDE ANY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES DIRECTLY TO PATIENTS. All of our products are for Research Use Only (RUO), NOT intended for diagnostic, therapeutic, or clinical use.